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Egyptian Musk 5oz Soap

Egyptian Musk 5oz Soap

    Introducing the Egyptian Musk 5 oz Bar Soap! If enchanting aromas were music, this bar of soap would be a symphony. It’s soft light musk with woodsy undertones scent is sure to excite - and get better with age! That's right, ladies - imagine your days filled with captivating scents that have no upper limit on sweetness. The kind that stays all day long.

    Our special recipe consists of carefully chosen organic ingredients such as Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil and Sunflower Oil as base components for perfection those with the most discerning palates seek in soaps. But it’s not complete without Shea butter adding its deep moisturizing effect and fragrance providing just the right amount of aroma to make a statement.

    Our whimsical Egyptian Musk 5 oz Bar Soap brings you an unforgettable experience leaving your skin silky soft while allowing you to indulge in something truly unique. It's simply divine and we can guarantee your showers will never be the same!