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Dirty Pirate Handmade Soap 4.5oz
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Dirty Pirate Handmade Soap 4.5oz

    Are you ready to set sail on the high seas? Our Dirty Pirate Handmade Soap is a treasure for your skin! This sensational blend of spicy and luscious aromas, with clove, cinnamon, orange, and patchouli, create an irresistible scent that eco-pirates both big and small will love! This special bath time treat is handmade with natural ingredients for a super cleansing experience. By using our Dirty Pirate Handmade Soap, you can be a swashbuckling clean freak! Refresh yourself with sensual spices and nourishing goodness - no parrot scented bath needed.
    Our customers rave that they can truly feel the difference in their skin when they use our Dirty Pirate Soap. Get ready to become holy terror of cleanliness in your own home bathroom! Join us today on this luxurious journey at sea - explore exotic scents while leaving dirt and grime behind in your wake.